About us

Our story:

This profession started in 1958, when one of our ancestors began practicing and passing on this profession until I reached Me Muhammad Sharif Mustafa Homsani in 1993 AD and the stage of development started on this profession that is considered a Damascene heritage to complete this ancient history of this profession by providing high-quality products from the finest preparation Types of delicious shawarma, grill chicken, broasted chicken, charcoal grilled chicken, kebab and grills of all kinds.

In the year 2014 AD, and in light of the situation in Syria, I went to Amman, where we met, Muhammad Sharif Mustafa Homsani, Haji Mohiuddin Sorour Mallah, Jalal Badr, and we established the Al-Mawsali Damascene Food Company, which has become one of the leading companies in the field of restaurants and has spread to an integrated food factory and to a chain of branches in Amman We strive to make this company a global leader.

Our vision:

To be a global company that works with a high responsibility and takes creativity, innovation and leadership as its approach in providing competitive food products of high quality that meet the needs of customers and contribute to motivating the team and achieve long-term aspirations of the company.

Our message:

Providing high quality food and services that exceed the consumer’s requirements and achieve the highest standards of satisfaction and enrich the consumer’s life, and that all the company's activities are in line with the values of the environment, society and the maintenance of our ancestors ’era.